It is a saying "it is a man's world," but a closer look reveals that women indirectly call the shots. There is no gainsaying a woman can make a man's life heaven or a living hell. Therefore the role of women in building harmonious home and society is immeasurable.

             "The king may rule the kingdom,   but its the queen who moves the board."

                     -D.M. Timney

A woman cannot give what she does not have. To achieve lasting peace and harmony, a woman must have order inside of her. A virtuous woman puts her complete trust in God to help her and her family wade through the storms of life. Knowing God is the originator of the institution called marriage. She does not hesitate to consult the manufacturer (God) and continuously refer to the user manual (the bible).

The contemporary society places a lot of responsibilities on the woman but to get to her destination of building a harmonious home, she must set her priorities right. Career and family are all outstanding, but the family should always come first. Hence the need to strike a balance by being good wives, mothers, and career women.

The best investment is investing in people. God has placed children under our care; it is pertinent we raise godly and responsible children. When families get it right, the society becomes right. To achieve harmony in our homes, we must invest our time, money and care in the lives of our children and raise men and women of pedigree who stand for justice and truth, who are courageous and undaunting in the face of challenges.

In God's original plan, the woman was created to complement the man. So as drivers of harmony in the home, providing maximum support as a team player should be paramount to achieve successful marriage.

To sum it up, there is no love without commitment, no relationship without sacrifice. As women of excellence and virtue, we will square up to our responsibilities and continue to uphold peace and harmony in our homes,  so help us, God.


While on this topic, I will try to make it concise and as clear as possible. First, you need to understand what networking is all about, the types and how to build contacts and eventual financial empire by being your own boss. So, let's get started!

Networking simply means growing and keeping contacts and relationships with people. As these contacts keep accumulating, they become an invaluable tool for your financial growth and in creating not just contacts but in building "business- partners- turned friends" for life!!! Don't forget building relationships is key to success. Although, you must note that the intention of networking is to mutually benefit all (team benefits).

 How to Build Contacts:

Networking opens up more opportunities for your business. You can actually meet amazing people and build some great connections. For the purpose of this write-up, find below some of the types of Networks/contacts:

1). The Social Network:

These are the informal contacts you made from social activities, for example, family, friends, coursemates from the University, former work colleagues, and present colleagues etc.

2). The Professional Network:

 These are contacts built through formal or informal business activities from different professional callings; Accountants, Lawyers, Doctors, Clients, etc

3). Social Media Network:

 These are the Internet-based network. They are sometimes from the business communities which are equally open to new members, trade associations, professional institutions, etc. These Communities and or groups allow like-minded entrepreneurs to connect, share experiences, advice and sometimes, provide tools to succeed in business. For example, the NairaLand Forum.

 Also, here are some examples of general sites where you can network with other people:

 Others are Facebook pages, Messenger, Snapchat, Telegram, WhatsApp, Periscope, to mention but a few.

After reading the above, you may now be wondering how then do I grow my business empire through network marketing as I earlier stated. So building this financial Empire can be achieved through becoming an affiliate marketer with Amazon and other online stores or a participant of well known and trusted Multi-Level Marketing companies such as Swissgolden by referring your contacts/Network to the business circle.

Lest I forget, you could try Eric Worre's Go Pro.

I find it not just interesting but enlightening. Make sure, when recruiting, recruit people with like minds; and see your team becoming very successful with time.

Hope this is helpful?

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This is not just about the youth or the elders becoming our leaders. It's beyond that people!  Until the lower class begins to force our leaders to be accountable,  we will remain stagnant!!! 

We keep forgetting that the majority of the  Middle and upper class have more valuable assets to protect in the society, and therefore are more vested in Nigeria than the rest of us. It's time the middle and upper class stopped being "spokespersons" for us to protect their interests and investments.   

In my opinion,  it's the lower class that is better situated to trigger and cause a real change from the so many wrongs and systemic injustices in our society, after all, they have nothing to lose but all to gain from an equitable society wrought from a revolution.

It is often said that when one is pushed to the wall one is bound to react, but nowadays they reverse is the norm, we cower at the slightest threats to the extent of digging holes in the wall we are pushed to, to hide, when faced with the slightest threats by our oppressors.  

We the youths of this generation should arise and chart a new course of responses to the doses of oppressive actions from our perpetual oppressors so that posterity will judge us well. 

Chinaemerem E.


It was Friday and the weekend! In that week-end mood, I decided to tune-in to a music channel in search of relaxing and soothing songs to kick-start the weekend with.While at it, I couldn't help but notice that the male artists don't go nude, they are spruced-up, unlike their female counterparts-who twerk almost butt naked!
My question is, why do these girls portray their bodies as sex objects to be played with?
This epiphany, It's disgusting as it is denigrating.Something has to change!


It is a saying "it is a man's world," but a closer look reveals that women indirectly call the shots. There is no gainsaying a...